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We hold onto the belief that at its core the Business of Living is more than program it's a family. So many participants in our program have never had a strong positive family backing them and it has led them down the wrong path. We believe an individual’s reentry is not their Second Chance but rather their First Chance. These individuals never had a chance, they were never in the right setting to succeed, and they never had the right people backing them. Our goal is to spread ourselves as wide as we can to bring compassionate like-minded people from the community to be that family to those that have had none. We want to give these individuals their “First Chance” by putting them in the right setting and surrounding them with the right people. We take this community of people and the resources we have available and use it all to support to individuals reentering the community so that they can have their first chance!


Each individual has the opportunity to jump-start his or her own life business. As we examine our lives, we know we have to get smarter, better at our jobs, and be better people. The Business of Living Workbook is designed to help participants identify and overcome any challenges they may face by focusing on four aspects of living their life – occupational, educational, personal, and spiritual. Gatekeepers strives to empower individuals to overcome impediments to be who they want to be. Gatekeepers has created the Business of Living Workbook and uses it to help current and former inmates chart their re-entry path to success. Gatekeepers works with men and women currently incarcerated to get them started on their re-entry planning. Gatekeepers will then meet them at the gate on their day of release (if needed) and get them immediately started on implementing their re-entry plan. Bill and others from Gatekeepers have presented the Business of Living Program to hundreds of men and women at local detention centers, state prisons, and federal penitentiaries.

The Business of Living Workbook

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Business of Living

Coach's Edition

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